Phil Kerslake FCIC Survivorship Conference 2013

Phil Kerslake

Phil Kerslake is a New Zealand based, 7-time lymphoma survivor (Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin) whose education in the art, science and practice of coping with cancer and survivorship began 33 years ago when he was diagnosed with an incurable disease as a teenager. Phil shares what his personal experience and enquiry over the decades has led him to believe with patients, health care and cancer support professionals. His mission is to help reduce patient suffering by empowering them with knowledge and hope. He also encourages empathetic, patient-centric service delivery from all those professionals who interface with the patients. Described by the Cancer Council Australia as ‘A book that can make a real difference in the lives of cancer patients from all walks of life…,’ Phil’s patient support book Life, Happiness… & Cancer (NZ 2006 -) is also published in Australia, Africa and Poland.

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